Leverage our services to become a Digital Leader. We build tailored digital solutions using modern technologies, and know-how. We’re a team of highly experienced tech people who have a passion for building the thing right! We aim high, and we’re proud of the results we bring to our clients.

We help our clients to grow, satisfy their clients and become more efficient.

Digital Strategy

Does your company strategy include Digital? Do you know what to do next to achieve your digital goals?
At Slize we help to define and implement a digital strategy that closely ties in with the overall company strategy. By challenging the Customer experience and conventional thinking, we turn insights into actionable roadmaps that lead to real results — Value to our customers is top-of-mind.

Composable eCommerce

Today’s modern eCommerce is no longer isolated and static stand-alone systems. Instead, they are expected to offer a superb user experience, always be up-to-date, accessible on multiple platforms, and ready for future business requirements. At Slize, we do this by leveraging best-of-breed enterprise technologies and MACH principles making it easy to take your eCommerce to the next level!

Order Management Systems that works

Modern eCommerce solutions are often expected to handle complex fulfilment. Adding Order Management to your eCommerce platform ensures that the right fulfilment location or vendor is chosen automatically. This removes the need for manual handling when the order arrives in your ERP — Our API Gateway is ideal in handling complex and bespoke fulfilment logic.

Relevant Business Applications

Your employees also require relevant applications to support their work. ERP systems are great for financial transactions but it’s not always the right tool for all functions. Adding business functionality to your eCommerce platform empowers your employees to do more, faster! — At Damstahl the new eCommerce platform reduced order entry time by 60% and it’s becoming a one-stop tool for Sales.

API Gateway to open your data

Enterprise systems (ERP, BI, CRM, PIM ...) hold enormous amounts of data. Data that is crucial in creating relevant user experiences for your customers, employees, and suppliers. Unifying your data in an API Gateway into a single source of truth, and making it accessible will not just power your eCommerce platform — It will be a game-changer for your supply chain.

What drives our passion

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

A User Interface is like
a Joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

We use and advocate for best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystems.

MACH for-the-win

MACH for-the-win

We believe that enterprise monoliths are no longer “the safer choice." The MACH ecosystem is. It’s agile and nimble, always up to date.


Cloud ❤️

We leverage the cloud, beyond storage and hosting. We build native cloud applications that automate and scale.

Liberating Data

Liberating Data

We trust in Data through APIs. This gives new possibilities and suddenly you’re not constrained by the “system”.

Agile Development

Agile Development

We believe in the Agile Manifesto and the principles within. Value to our customers is top-of-mind.

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