Damstahl - Composable B2B eCommerce Platform

  • Composable eCommerce
  • MACH Princicples
  • Rethinking the Customer Experience
  • Digital-centered Strategy
Client Damstahl A/S
Industry Wholesale

Damstahl is a pan-European stainless steel wholesaler operating in 8 countries who in 2020 distributed 80,000 tonnes of stainless steel from both local warehouses as well as central distribution centers.

award hattrick "Damstahl was the big winner when the Danish Chamber of Commerce named and honored the best Danish digital companies for the E-commerce award 2023". Read the press release

Damstahl Building
Return on investment

Values delivered to Damstahl

After previously having used standard eCommerce CMS systems, Damstahl decided to launch their own bespoke B2B eCommerce platform. This decision was a part of Damstahl’s Digital Strategy to support increasing market demand for a better digital experience. Since the launch, Damstahl has seen an increase in Gross Profit and Market Share. And besides offering a next-level Customer Experience, the future-proof platform also functions as an internal sales tool offering 60% savings in order handling.

customers returning back

10x digital revenue growth just 18 months after Go-Live date.

Faster order process time

80% faster order processing, freeing up Sales to focus on customer relationships and growth.

Increased profit

15% Increased gross profit on Web-orders compared to traditional “offline” orders.

Picture of the Damstahl solution
Customer Experience

Rethinking the Customer Experience platform

Damstahl had clear business goals to increase the number of digital orders and market share across all markets. Thus the new eCommerce platform is built on the notion of “Making orders online should be easier than calling us”. This meant that the Customer Experience and Performance became essential in all aspects of the platform, and it became clear that a traditional off-the-shelf eCommerce CMS would not work.

intuitive User Interface

A Modern and intuitive user interface to incentivize customers to use webshop instead of email of call.

Increased Performance

Increased performance with ultra-fast navigation and Single Page Application “front-end”, that delivers instant results.

Headless Frontend

Headless “front-end” that easily allows for developing app-like solutions across multiple devices.

Architecture for the modern age

  • Single Page Application and Modern UX/UI
  • Integrations to existing ERP and PIM
  • Native Cloud-apps and Serverless Functions
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Umbraco, .NET Core & REACT.js
  • Damstahl chose Slize Commerce Architecture to fuel their new Headless eCommerce platform. It’s composable and modular and allowed Damstahl to integrate, upgrade or replace components with ease.

    It also enabled Damstahl to bring their own Data from MS Dynamic 365 FO (ERP) and Perfion (PIM), and easily combine it with data from Umbraco (CMS), Algolia (Search Engine), and, ActiveCampaign (Marketing).

    The Data sources were combined and made available through a central API Gateway which is used to feed content to the Website and Mobile App. The API can even be used for direct customer or supplier integration.

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    Data Integrations Layer

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO


    API Gateway & Cloud Layer


    Search Engine

    Custom built

    Email Campaigns

    Frontend Layer

    ReactJS - Single Page Application

    Mobile Application

    Integrations to existing ERP and PIM utilizing already available Systems of Records.

    Native Cloud-apps and Serverless Functions for scalability, reliability, and performance with Content Delivery Network to increase availability and speed to users globally.

    Single Page Application and Modern UX/UI for ultra-fast and app-like customer experience.

    Designing intuitive User Experience & Interface

    Through an iterative design process involving Customers, Damstahl, and our Design Team, we created a style guide and component library to exclusively serve the Damstahl eCommerce Platform.

    The components are modular and are reused throughout the platform to create a familiar and intuitive user experience.

    Mockups of User Interface Mockups of User Interface
    Webshop Navigation


    Catalog Navigation

    Catalog Navigation

    Product Detail

    Product Details

    Technologies used to power Damstahl A/S

    Ensuring scalability, availability, and reliability by leveraging enterprise Cloud and SaaS technologies (Ie. Serverless, CDN, Search, Infrastructure as Code) - All whilst Damstahl retaining control.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

    Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications.


    Product Information Management solution for product enhancement, categorization, and multi-language communication.


    Open-source content management system platform for multi-channel content publishing.


    The flexible AI-powered Search & Discovery platform.

    .NET Core

    Free and open-source, managed computer software framework for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.


    Open-source, front end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components.


    A cloud computing service platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.


    Content delivery network, that delivers any digital content globally to increase application performance.

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