Global Mediator goes Headless

  • Headless website
  • Enabling inbound marketing
  • Faster publishing - More Dynamic
  • Toolbox for the Future
Client Global Mediator
Industry Technology - Professional Services

Global Mediator is engineering software solutions for process-driven businesses to improve workflow and efficiency using up-to-date technologies in mainstream support. Global Mediator's in-depth experience in the Microsoft technology stack enables them to cost-effectively provide optimized, tested, and documented solutions for ISVs and companies with non-standard Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Read Global Mediators' blog post about the new web platform: "Global Mediator goes headless" and "The backbone of going headless."

Global Mediator
Return on investment

Values delivered to Global Mediator

Previously Global Mediator used another CMS for their corporate site, which was a complicated affair. The site got hacked; it was slow to load and update, making new landing pages a nightmare. As part of Global Mediators' further growth, they needed to support their sales team with the ability to do much more inbound marketing. Essentially, they needed to reorganize their Go-To-Market strategy, but their website was stuck in the past.

With the new platform, Global Mediator can now iterate much faster, enabling the marketing team to shorten the turnaround time. Not only does the new site load instantly, but it also offers a much-improved user interface for presenting Global Mediator Services, Products, and overall brand - in a secure way!

Cutting days off the turn-around timee

Cutting days off the turn-around time for Marketing to create new Inbound landing pages.

Toolbox for future growth

Toolbox for future growth. Enabling Marketing to reach new clients and showcase services and products.

Inspiring to experiment!

Inspiring to experiment! Scalable and ready-to-use components make it easy to try out new things.

Global Mediator
Customer Experience Platform

A Headless approach

We decided to create a new platform for Global Mediator - a more appealing, user-friendly, and easy-to-use website. We focused on providing the best user experience, including page loading speed and an intuitive website menu. In terms of Global Mediators' internal operations, we needed a streamlined admin panel and a flexible system to deliver the visual part just the way they needed. And a fast-responding one to cut down on the turn-around time.

Fast! and intuitive User-Interface

Fast! and intuitive User-Interface for a better presentation of Services, Products, and overall brand.

Headless CMS

Headless CMS with modular components for easy creation of Inbound landing pages.


Security-by-design to prevent unauthorized access to the Content Management System.

Headless Architecture for the modern age

  • Strapi Headless CMS
  • ReactJS frontend components
  • NextJS Static Site Generator
  • Image Content Delivery Network
  • CMS Secure-by-design with only VPN access
  • Global Mediator chose a simplified Slize Commerce Architecture to power their new Headless corporate website. With pre-built modules, it allowed Global Mediator to build unique pages quickly.

    As core CMS, we chose Strapi Headless CMS which is fully customizable and developer-first. This allowed us to build and customize a CMS that works for Marketing enabling them to iterate new ideas quickly.

    To achieve our visual ambitions for an intuitive and modern User-Interface, we selected ReactJS in combination with NextJS. This enables us to build not only reusable components but also generate static pages for ultra-fast page-load, basically without waiting time for the user.

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    Content Management System

    Headless CMS

    Picture of the Global Mediator website

    User-Interface Compenets

    Modular frontend compenets

    Picture of the Global Mediator website

    Frontend Layer

    Static Site Generation

    Picture of the Global Mediator website

    Designing an intuitive User Interface

    Through an iterative design process involving Global Mediator and our Design Team, we created a style guide and component library for Global Mediator.

    We aimed for a modern business look, but not too stringent. The components are modular and are reused throughout the website to create a familiar and intuitive user experience.

    Mockups of User Interface Mockups of User Interface
    Webshop Navigation

    Modular content page

    Catalog Navigation

    Example of flexible content filtering

    Product Detail

    A sub-page built with modular components

    Technologies used to power Global Mediator

    Ensuring scalability, availability, and reliability by leveraging enterprise Cloud and SaaS technologies (Ie. Serverless, CDN, Search, Infrastructure as Code).

    We learn all the time and are not afraid of trying new things. Actually, we are eager to do that. That’s what we recommend our customers do – explore new technological possibilities. By launching a brand-new website based on the technologies that are totally new to us, we seek to practice what we preach.

    Once Nicolai Krarup told me: “If we want to preach the new way of building websites, we need to take our own medicine.” So, in addition to a good user experience, it was a decision to use new technologies – because that’s what Global Mediator does.

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